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October 17, 2017 3 min read 1 Comment

The expansion of the internet and social media has given EVERY last one of us the opportunity to start our own digital empires.

The amount of resources available to the small business owner has skyrocketed in recent years, making the impossible, possible.

In the past, people would actually have to travel to India and China in order to meet the hair manufacturers to source your products.

With the continued expansion of the Internet, we now have direct access to suppliers via outlets such as Aliexpress and Alibaba.

Most new companies reach out to suppliers to sample hair, wait for them to send it, test the hair and based on their results, place a large order or continue to sample.


Finding a vendor using this method can prove to be very expensive, time consuming and risky. Here is why;


  1. Expensive

When sampling a vendor, it is common to buy 2-6 bundles at the very least, in order to examine the consistency and quality across bundles.

With international shipping costing around $20-$30, you are spending between at the bare minimum at least $160- $350 to test ONE vendor.

On average, most companies test between 4-8 vendors before they are able to find the perfect match.

So on the lower end, you are easily spending upward of $1000 and on the higher end, upward to $3000.  If you decide to offer several textures and origins, this is just the tip of the iceberg!


  1. Time Consuming

When sampling hair, it can be very time consuming to correspond with vendors from all over the world, wait for them to send out your samples, receive it, test it, and then do it all over again to place the large order.

This time is prolonged if you are not pleased with this vendor and have to continue researching and testing vendors. Before you know it, it could be months before you are absolutely blown away by a vendor and ready to offer your hair.

  1. Risky

Most suppliers from overseas require their payment upfront. It is not uncommon for vendors to refuse PayPal and opt for cash options.

Many suppliers prefer Western Union, which is another form of cash. Unlike PayPal, this ultimately means that once you send it, there is no going back. Even if a vendor is a fraud, and never sends you anything, there is nothing you can do to retrieve it back.

As with sending any cash overseas, you run an inherit risk of never seeing your money again. I have not experienced this personally, but I have heard horror stories from other companies in this industry.

With all things considered, if your time and budget permits, sampling hair using this method may be ideal, but for most of us, we are searching for the fastest, cheapest way to arrive at the same end goal.

What if you were able let someone else deal with the headache of sampling, and you just get instantly connected with high-quality, tested vendors? Say no more!

Glow Inc. instantly connects aspiring hair businesses with  the vendor of their dreams for a fraction of the cost of sampling.

  1. We research vendors.
  2. Perform Strict Quality Testing.
  3. Post the Results.
  4. Let You Pick Your Vendor.
  5. Save you time and money!

 It really is that easy. Don’t believe me, take a look.








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Todd Noe
Todd Noe

April 26, 2018

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